Online Gift Registries & You
Making Your Wedding Registry Easy and Fun for You and Your Guests

One of the biggest advances in the gifts department is online registries, which almost all major stores now offer. Whether it’s Target or Tiffany’s, you can take care of most of your registering online, and keep them organized. (Like everything else that comes from a catalog, it's best to see it first; try to visit the stores in person.) Remember that, even now, not everyone has internet access; check with the stores to see if they can fax registry lists should anyone request one, or a toll-free number for friends and family to call.
Home improvement.
If you’re moving into a new house together, you’ll want to register for the basics: china, flatware, linens, bake ware, and appliances. If you’re older, already have a house and most of the necessities, now’s the time to register for items that are of the less-romantic kind. (After all, how many martini sets do you really need?)

To buy or not to buy.

One question couples going into a second marriage face is whether to register at all. There’s no rule of etiquette saying you should or shouldn’t register the second time around, so the decision is up to you. However, even if you don’t want gifts, you might want to register anyway, as a safety net; some guests will insist on buying you a present, and you should make it as easy as possible for them.
For all couples, never list the registry information on the invitations. Word of mouth is the best way to get the message across. Tell your close friends to spread the word. If you would prefer cash, use the same tactic, but register somewhere just in case. Like that couple who insists on bringing a gift, there are those who simply don’t feel comfortable giving cash. You can help by registering somewhere inexpensive, like a wine or gourmet food shop.
Speaking of prices, make sure to register for a variety of different gifts in different price ranges, to accommodate people’s varied budgets. In addition to the Plasma TV, check off the iPod waterproof holding case. Make sure not to register too early in the game, as items do get discontinued.
Wrapping up.
On a final note, gifts always deserve an acknowledgment. Etiquette dictates that thank-you notes should be sent out with two weeks of presents received before or on the day of the wedding. For gifts received anytime afterward, notes should be sent out within a month of the honeymoon or the date the gift was sent. To make things easier on you, keep track of who sent what as soon as you receive a gift. Also, guest are allowed a year from the date of your wedding to send a gift. Even if you receive a package 364 days after your wedding, send out a thank-you. Like your present, it will be dutifully appreciated.


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