Modern Wedding Registry Guide
Celebrating Your Wedding Just Got Easier for Everyone

You’re getting married and starting a new life together. What could be better? Gifts! Registering for your wedding day may be another task you’ll need to check off, but with a few helpful tips it can be one big party.

Registering can take place as soon as you get engaged, a nice gesture for those who’d like to shower you with a gift for an engagement party, or for those who are not attending the wedding but would like to send a present. If you hold off, make sure you register at least eight months before your ceremony.  If you’re getting married quickly, register at a large department store, so people have access to an assortment of items.

Online registries have become extremely popular, and it’s no wonder: most stores offer the service, it basically eliminates the issue of duplicate gifts, and sending thank-you notes becomes a breeze. It’s a wonderful way to make the registry process easier for you, as well as your guests. There are several online services that even allow you to register for multiple stores at the click of a button. If you go this route, the two of you should still go into the stores and check out the merchandise.  The Big Screen TV will probably look the same, but glassware might appear different in the shop than it does in a catalog. Find out if the store registry has an 800 number, and a fax, as some guests, especially older ones, might not have Internet access.

When preparing your registry, go over what you need to start your life together. Should you be moving into a new home, cookware, linens, and dishes are essential.  If you’ve already set up house, or this is a second marriage, feel free to register for less-traditional items. 

To help the registry process go as smoothly as possible, register for more items than you have guests; this will keep guests from having to purchase something they’d rather not buy. Also, make sure the price range goes from very high—the Swarovski martini set—to the very low—a cute corkscrew. Most couples have friends of various incomes, and you want to accommodate everyone’s budget.  Even if you don’t register online, do register at more than one store, in order to give friends more choices. Make sure to update your registry list every month, as items might be out of stock.

Regardless of where you register, some guests will purchase a gift that is not on your list. This is their preference, and should never be taken as an insult. Registry information should include an address where gifts need to be mailed, but be prepared for guests to show up at the wedding, box in hand. A gift table will be required at your reception site.

Etiquette dictates that you should not list your registry on the wedding invitations. Instead, have friends and relatives spread the news. Do not panic; guests will ask. The same goes for if you’re requesting money. If that is the case, however, know that some people will feel more comfortable bringing a gift.  Most important, remember that the best gift you receive will be the man standing next to you.
-David Toussaint

8/25/2011 12:07:22 PM