5 Ways to Decide Where to Register

Wedding Registry Tips & Advice

What to Register For

  1. Register only for things you truly love, and will actually use. (Read: you don’t have to register for fine china if it’s just not your thing. You can still set a lovely, expensive-looking table—and entertain grandly—without it). Most salespeople will tell you that there are certain absolute essentials to have on wedding registries, but this is simply not true. However, if you can see yourself using something and enjoying it (even if you have not used it before), register for it! A perfect example of this is a quality espresso maker. While you may not necessarily need one, it is a great item to have if you frequently have guests over for coffee and dessert!

  2. Choose gifts that represent a wide variety of price ranges for guests of all income levels. That being said, even if you think something is too expensive (and are worried you might look a little presumptuous putting it on your wish list), register for it anyway. Sometimes a few people will combine their gift money and get you that fantastic television set. On the flip side, make sure to register for less expensive items such as hand towels, mixing bowls, and measuring spoons.

  3. Choose high quality items that will last. Choose the bed sheets with the higher thread count, or the everyday dishes that are virtually indestructible. You do not want to end up with a bunch of things that you will have to replace in a few years. Sure, there are certain things that you will inevitably have to replace—coffee makers don’t last forever—but there are things that you'll want to have even after your kids are grown (such as a beautiful silver platter).

Where to Register

  1. Have wedding registries at a couple different locations, to give your guests options. At least one of these locations should be a widely available institution where most people can actually go and look at your selection, if they prefer. Some people are happy to choose from online wedding registries (and appreciate the convenience of being able to have the gift sent straight to your door), but others (especially older guests) want to be able to go to the store, print out your registry, and see, touch and feel the things you have chosen. The best stores are ones that have a wide selection in the store, but simultaneously have an extensive online presence. (Note: sometimes, the same item from the same store can be priced differently online than in the actual store, and guests will want to do their research to see where they can get the best deal).

  2. Choose a location that offers as many extra incentives and perks as possible. Certain businesses are geared for gift registries clientele. The advantage is that these places tend to offer tons of reward points, which you can use for up to a year after your wedding. How about when, six months after you get married, you realize that you could really use 4 more of those vintage champagne glasses to make a complete set? You take note of when the registry completion sales occur, and purchase the glasses at a huge discount. If you play your cards correctly and stay on top of things, you can save a substantial sum.

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