San Francisco Wedding Florists Guide

 Love Your Flowers on Your Wedding Day
San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, golden hills, and the nickname “The Golden State.” No surprise then, that the California Poppy is the State flower, a golden treasure you’ll find speckled on those wild and crazy hills and a perfect accent to Bay Area weddings. Flowers for a “City by the Bay” wedding should reflect the atmosphere of the town, which has been a draw to fantasy seekers since the Gold Rush. You don’t have to go with the gold, of course, but you want your blooms to shimmer with California sun.
Sunflowers not only follow the sun as it heads West, but echo a touch of bohemia left over from the (how apropos!) “flower child” days. Daisies are a wonderful and inexpensive blossom for a Northern California affair, and daffodils are as light and simple as a cocktail dress.  Tulips are big here, and geraniums bloom like wildfire. Getting married on a beach? Make sure you have some baby’s breath sprinkled in that bouquet.
Another flower factor: The city itself. San Francisco is home to spots so beautiful that your florist will serve as a sous-chef to Mother Nature. Nearby Sausalito is a hugely popular wedding destination, with nature galore, the Palace of the Legion of Honor has its own museum’s worth of wonderful backgrounds, and Golden Gate Park offers some of nature’s most stunning backdrops. Should you marry in a nature-heavy area, take advantage of the foliage already offered.
Bay Area blooms.
When choosing a San Francisco wedding florist, know your site first and try to book a good 6 months ahead. Whether you decide on an indoor or outdoor affair, find out if your local florist knows the site—if they’re familiar with The Fairmont, for example, they’ll know what flowers best serve the décor, and what the site already offers. San Francisco weather being rather unpredictable, they can also help guide you through the maze of what will and will not work, or wilt. A good S.F. florist can make a sample bouquet for you to give an idea of their skill, and work on cost-cutting options like less bountiful centerpieces, or plants around the site instead of blooms.

When you’re ready to begin your wedding florist search, visit the S.F. Bay Area Local Vendor section for a great list of top California florists.
Make sure the florist you speak with will be the florist the day of the wedding, and find out if he simply drops the flowers off or sets them up. If he doesn’t know the site, ask him to join you for an advance trip for ideas, and make sure he’s comfortable working with your photographer, caterer, and all site vendors (wedding vendors in San Francisco often work together). Once you’ve made the arrangements, the flower power will be in your own hands.
-David Toussaint