Philadelphia Wedding Florists Guide
Enjoy the Perfect Flowers on Your Wedding Day in Philly

Picking flowers in Philadelphia is a little like choosing what layers of frosting you’d like to go on your cake: whatever you decide, it’s going to be a splendid addition to your wedding. Glamour, sophistication, New England charm… the City of Brotherly Love has it all. Whether you’re going for a classic five-star affair at one of the many urban hotels or a more subdued cocktail party at one of the city’s country clubs, flowers and Philadelphia go together like hand and glove.

“Class” is the theme of any Philly wedding, so most florists are going to suggest classic flowers, like roses, orchids, or lilies. (Sunflowers? Sure, but unless you’re following a specific theme, it’s a bit like wearing a party dress to a formal affair.) Florists in Philadelphia are as savvy as the city, and weddings are big business here. When you start your search (after you’ve set the date and found the site, but not less than six months before your big day), remember to ask as many questions as possible. Always try to find what flowers are in season, as you’ll save big-time, and go over cost-cutting tips.

Make sure the florist you interview will be the one at the wedding—large companies often send out a “junior florist” for the big day. Find out when the flowers will be delivered to the site, and make sure there will be proper storage (refrigeration, if needed) so your blooms don’t wilt. Also, some florists drop off the flowers, while others set them up. Make sure you find out the details, and have it in writing. If your blooms are dropped off, you will need to procure a friend or hired hand to set up the arrangements.

When you’re ready to start interviewing, check out's Philadelphia Local Vendor section for a great list of top Philly wedding florists.

Make sure your florist knows about any allergies you or your wedding party has, and find out about staining; some buds can damage clothing! Also, don’t go to your florist empty-headed.  Tell him as much as you know about your wedding scheme: colors, themes, etc. This will help both of you get the arrangements you want. Supply sometimes outstrips demand, so make sure you go over what blooms will be substituted on your big day should your first choice not be available. Make sure this is written in the contract.

If you’re marrying at a popular wedding site, find out if there are already blooms around the area.  This will be the case at many country clubs and outside venues. Popular florists will have the advantage of knowing the logistics of different sites. Should you be celebrating at an already flower-heavy site, make sure the florist can (and will) work with the site coordinators to make the buds just right for you and all involved.
-David Toussaint