Dallas Wedding DJs Guide

 Hire the Right DJ to Play Your Dallas Wedding

Big, big lovers get married in Dallas, and big-time country music reigns supreme. However, even if you’re more filly than bull, you can still find the right DJ to take charge of the reins. Over the past decade, Dallas’s music scene has livened up, thanks in part to the young and hip crowd in neighboring Austin. Lively rock clubs thrive, and DJ’s take their cues from the new kids in town.

Like all the major U.S. cities, Dallas/Ft. Worth DJ’s are populous in number, but might be a little cheaper than music-makers in New York or Miami. You need to select your Dallas DJ about eight months prior to your big day, and after you’ve booked your reception site. Start your budget number at around $1,000. DJ’s are often cheaper than bands, unless you’re hiring a local superstar. Decide with your fiancé on whether or not you want a band or DJ, or both. A band gives you the opportunity of hearing live music in whatever style you prefer, while a DJ plays familiar favorites from the stars who made them famous.

When interviewing DJ’s, first ask friends and relatives for “requests,” and ask to see a DVD of one of his performances. If he works at clubs in addition to weddings, ask if you can go one night to get a feel for his style. Remember, this guy will most likely be introducing you to the crowd, and announcing dances and toasts, so make sure you enjoy his sense of humor. A reliable Metroplex DJ should have at least fifty weddings under his belt buckle.

Once you’ve found a guy you like, check to make sure he has all the songs you want, and enjoys playing them. He also needs to know what songs or styles of music that you won’t allow, even if your guests request them.

When you’re ready to start interviewing Metroplex D.J.s, visit the OurWeddingDay.com Dallas/Ft. Worth Local Vendor section for a great list of top Northern Texas disc jockeys and wedding entertainers.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down, it’s time to rock and roll. In your contract, make sure it’s stated that the DJ you want is the same guy who will show up at your wedding—and find out who takes over if an emergency occurs. Texas DJ’s usually charge by the hour or the day. Decide which works best for you, and write in overtime fees. Find out if he knows the reception sight; if he doesn’t, arrange for a tour so he will know exactly where to set up. Ask about insurance, and what’s covered. He might have coverage if rain destroys his equipment, and the site might as well. Find out if the site has a back-up generator for any unfortunate blow-outs. Your Dallas DJ will expect a tip, which is generally about 20 percent of his fee. If you’re unsure and uncomfortable asking him what’s expected, talk to a previous client.

Remember to offer your Dallas/Fort Worth DJ a meal, and ample breaks. He’s a guest at your wedding, so mosey on up to his barstool at some point during the evening, and thank him. He might be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, but he’s playing to your hearts.

-David Toussaint

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