Dallas Wedding Day Transportation
Arrive to Your Dallas/Fort Worth Wedding in Style

Texas transportation is all about the Big and Powerful; like the state itself. For your Dallas or Ft. Worth celebration, you can always go the stretch limo route, but that’s just one option. Car companies offer custom-designed convertibles and Cadillacs, Hummers, “truck limos,” and for those of you who want to make a really big entrance, Limousine buses! The insides of these 40-passenger vehicles are so luxe they could easily be the sight of your Dallas bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner.

Choosing your Metroplex transportation is a matter of personal choice, size and style of wedding party, and budget.  Your transportation should be taken care of three months’ prior to your ceremony (add two months should you be marrying during prom season, March through June).  Traditional limos start at around $500 for a four-hour period. You’ll spend less if you go down in scale, like a stylish town car. You’ll go up and beyond if you pick a Hummer built for two or three or forty.

You’re also expected to tip your driver, which is generally about 20% of the transportation bill. Ask the company what’s expected, then assign the tipping to a member of your wedding party (the Best Man is often assigned to gratuity duty).

Love on wheels.

Dallas is big on traditional weddings, and etiquette dictates that you and your bridal party arrive in one car, along with your dad. Your groom shows up in a separate vehicle, Best Man at his side. You can play with these traditions and others, of course —just don’t allow your groom-to-be in your car. Check with the car company about discounts for extra vehicles.  The mild weather in Dallas and Ft. Worth means convertibles are a classy idea, but keep in mind that summer heat might do damage to hair and makeup. One terrific idea is to have the moms arrive in their own convertible or vintage car.

When you’re ready to look in to Metroplex wedding transportation, visit the OurWeddingDay.com Dallas/Ft. Worth Local Vendor section for a great list of top Northern Texas limo and carriage providers.

Get referrals from friends and relatives, and ask your other vendors for recommendations. Dallas is a big small town, and wedding vendors tend to know each other’s work.  Once you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, make sure your contract spells out who takes over as driver should an emergency occur. You need to know who pays for gas (you or the company), what the overtime fee is, and what luxuries the car you choose offers. If television is extra, ask if you can have that removed. Other options, like unlimited champagne, are up to you, but don’t assume what you will or won’t be billed for.

Finally, make sure you and the car company have exchanged all contact numbers, including your cell phone, his cell phone, the company’s number, and at least one family member’s number. Then hit the road and step on the gas!
-David Toussaint

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