Chicago Wedding Florist Guide

Finding Your Wedding Flowers in the Windy City

Like the song says, under the snow lies a rose ready to bloom in warm weather. Whatever season you get married in Chicago, we can guarantee it’s springtime in your hearts. Spring, summer, winter, or fall, finding a florist in the Windy City is a seasonal treat for the senses. Read on for in the loop advice.

Start your Chicago florist search about 6 months’ prior to your wedding. Ask friends and relatives, as well as other Chicago vendors. Get referrals, and contact the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Flower prices vary tremendously, depending on the size of your wedding, the type of flowers you want, and how integrated they are into your ceremony. Expect to pay at least $1,000.

When you’re ready to talk shop to Chicago florists, visit the Chicago Local Vendor Section for a great list of top Chicago florists.

A good florist should have at least 50 weddings to his name. When interviewing Chicago florists, show them your wedding colors, and bring a list of favorite flowers, along with a list of second choices. Flowers grown locally and in season will be considerably cheaper, so the more you’re willing to compromise, the more you’ll save.

One budding idea: Ask potential florists to make a sample bouquet. If their version rocks your world, the two of you are on the same page.

If the florist you hire knows your reception site, he’ll have a better understanding of where flowers look best, and how to save money by utilizing the site’s natural beauty. For other cost-cutting measures, discuss cheaper centerpiece options (fewer flowers can be elegant), and tips like placing plants in background areas. If the florist doesn’t know your site, take him on a tour.

Before signing on the dotted line, ask about blooms that stain, and go over any allergies you and members of the wedding have. On the contract, make sure the Chicago florist you hire is the same person who shows up on the day of your wedding, as well as an alternate name in case of an emergency. Find out, too, what flowers will be substituted should your picks not be available at the last minute.

The stop and smell the love roses!

-David Toussaint

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