Chicago Wedding Day Transportation
Get to Your Chicago Church on Time and In Style!

Every bride wants to arrive at her Chicago wedding in style, and there are a multitude of different options for that on your big day. Even on winter nights you can have a horse-drawn carriage take you and your fiancé to the site; the many carriage services provide transportation year-round. Stretch limos are the most popular options, for you and the wedding party, and the Windy City has a slew of companies to choose from. You can also use a standard limo or a town car, depending on the size of your party and your budget.

You need to have your transportation figured out three months before your ceremony. One caveat: Should you be getting married during prom season (March through June), book five to six months in advance. Traditionally, the bride arrives with her father and attendants, and the groom shows up in his own car, with his best man. If you do show up with your groom in a horse-drawn carriage, make sure the pick-up spot and drop-off site are close together. You don’t want to keep the guests waiting as you make your way through Chicago snow.

Stretch limos start at around $500 for a four-hour period. Going down in size and style, you’ll spend less money. Ask about luxuries and decide which ones you want (champagne), and which ones you can do without (television). Find out how many passengers the car you want holds. (You might get a discount on an extra car.) Stretch limos can take about twelve passengers, limos about six, town cars about four. If you have a massive wedding party, consider hiring a van.
When you want to start interviewing Chicago transportation providers, visit the Chicago Local Vendor section for a great list of top Southwestern Illinois limos and carriages.
When booking, have a signed and counter-signed contract that includes a back-up driver’s name in case of emergency, and make sure the driver and you have exchanged all cell-phone numbers. Go over the driver’s attire; you can ask him to adjust his look if needed.  You’ll be expected to tip all drivers, so ask the company the rate and assign someone in the wedding party to take care of the task. Make sure to find out who pays for the gas (you or the company), and always discuss overtime fees and include them in the contract. Once settled, the love race is on!
-David Toussaint

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