Chicago Hairstylists Guide

Your Wedding Stylist Search Made Easy

Just because you’re getting married in the Windy City doesn’t mean you have to suffer from havoc hair. Your cool Chicago wedding is ripe for a classic updo or a soft, layered look, depending on the style of your wedding and the season. Finding a hairstylist to give you the right look can be the key, so read on for Midwestern tips.

You should consider hiring a Chicago hairstylist if you plan on trying a look that’s more complicated than normal, if your idea of styling your hair is putting a hat on it, or if you think you’re going to be too busy, or too nervous, to style it on your big day. You can hire a hairstylist for yourself, or go all out and treat the girls. Venues frequently offer an on-site stylist, and women take advantage of this for convenience and budget reasons. Make sure that you compare prices, as freelance stylists are sometimes cheaper.

Start looking for your Chicago hairstylist about 6 months’ prior to your wedding; earlier if you have the time. When searching, ask friends and relatives, as well as other vendors. If you’re invited to a wedding and love the bride’s hair, make sure you get the name of her stylist. A great stylist should have five years’ experience, and you should ask for references and contact the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

Prices for hairstylists vary tremendously, depending on where you live, your demands, and your personal style. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 for you, or from $500 to $1,500 for your whole party. Your hairstylist should spend an hour on you, and about 45 minutes on each girl. Many women hire a separate stylist for themselves, to have some alone time before the chaos. If it’s in your budget, book a hairstylist for the whole day, to keep your hair in top form.

When you’re ready to get serious about hair, visit the Chicago Local Vendor Section for a great list of top-rated hairstylists in the Chicago area.

When talking to hairstylists, ask to see as many photos as possible. Make sure you “vibe” with her personality; like other vendors, she’s going to be a “guest” at your wedding, and it’s imperative that she puts you at ease. Once you decide on a hairstylist, she’ll do a trial run, a must for your wedding day. Bring your wedding colors, swatches, and any jewelry you plan to wear.

On the contract, make sure the hairstylist you interview is the same one who shows up on your wedding day, and go over all extras to make sure you’re not charged for something you didn’t request. You should have the name of any additional stylists, as well as substitutes in case of emergency. Hairstylists should be tipped 20%, provided the service is exceptional.

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