The Mother of the Groom

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Groom's Mother

Everyone knows what the Father of the Bride is responsible for at the wedding; in fact, there have even been movies on the subject! The Mother of the Bride, again, pretty clear-cut, and even if it's not, she has the Bride to consult in moments of uncertainty. But the Mother of the Groom? Since it's a pretty good chance that her son, the Groom, has no clue what his responsibilities entail, let alone those of his mother, she can often feel at a loss about what exactly she is in charge of for the Big Day. (C'mon, ladies, we know you love your Husbands-to-Be, but do you really want to leave it to him to explain rules of wedding etiquette to his mother?) Here's a list of tasks that the Mother of the Groom is typically responsible for. Don't be afraid to print it off and give a copy to your future mother-in-law; she'll probably thank you for it!

  1. Once the engagement has been announced, be sure to inquire about how many guests you are allotted to invite to the wedding. It is very important to stick to that number, and to provide a detailed guest list to the bride in a timely fashion. The list should, of course, be legible (typing it out makes it most efficient and easy to read) and should include addresses.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Mother of the Groom to coordinate with the Mother of the Bride about the type of dress each will wear to the wedding. The Mother of the Bride always chooses her dress first, and then the Mother of the Groom picks a complimentary dress. Similar style and length are recommended, but the two dresses should never be the same color as each other, or the same color as the bride.
  3. The groom's family is typically responsible for paying for the bride's bouquet, along with the Mother's corsages and the boutonnieres worn by the Groom, the Groomsmen, and the Ushers. This comes as a surprise to some people, as most of the costs of the wedding belong to the bride and her family. The Mother of the Groom should always step in early on in the planning phase and coordinate with the Bride's family to cover these costs.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Groom's family to host the rehearsal dinner. Obviously, this event needs to be coordinated between the two families to ensure that everyone that plays a role in the wedding receives an invitation to the rehearsal dinner. Decorations, rental costs of a restaurant or another facility (along with costs of meals) and floral centerpieces at the event should all be paid for by the Groom's parents.
  5. Finally, the parents of the Groom typically cover the costs of the honeymoon. The Mother of the Groom can help make this a simple, stress-free process by coordinating with the Bride and Groom about details such as travel arrangements and budget restraints as early on in the planning process as possible.