The After-Wedding Brunch

The Day-After Wedding Brunch is a wonderful tradition that gives you a chance to honor many of your guests, as well as let them celebrate a little longer. Typically, all guests who’ve traveled a long distance to your wedding should be invited to the day-after brunch, as well as the wedding party. There’s no rule as to where you hold the brunch, but you should opt for a convenient location, like the hotel where most of the guests are staying.

Budget-wise, you can go all-out and serve Eggs Benedict and Mimosas, or do something simple like bagels and coffee.  Some people like to have the brunch outside to give it a casual feel. You can coordinate it with an afternoon ball game or adjacent hike, or you can serve up copies of the daily paper or crossword.

Feel free to invite everyone from your wedding, but remember that it’s not required. “If you’re worried about your budget, don’t overdo it,” says Daniele Bobish of Curtain Up Events in New York City. “If it’s between a big brunch or a big cake, go for the cake.” The important thing to remember is that the brunch gives the long-distance travelers something more to do than just hang around their hotel before they’re scheduled to leave. The actual brunch is completely optional, and no one should be offended if you don’t have one.

There’s also no rule on who pays for the day-after brunch, so it’s a discussion you need to have with your groom and anyone else who’s involved in planning the wedding. Make sure all the information is included on your web site, or on a list of activities placed in people’s rooms.

When deciding on the time of your day-after brunch, keep in mind that a lot of your guests are going to be tired, not to mention hung-over. “Noon is fine,” says Bobish. “Eleven is okay, but nine a.m. is just offensive.” Bloody Mary’s are always a good idea, and so is making the invitation informal so people can opt out if they wish. Formal brunches are great, but be warned that a lot of guests won’t realize their RSVP count. “Sometimes guests don’t realize you need a head count,” says Bobish. “So try and spread the word around beforehand.”

-David Toussaint

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