Who Does What?

The Roles & Responsibilities of Your Wedding Party

Wedding party planning is one of the first things to tackle on your wedding to-do list. This guide will help you understand who does what in your wedding party so that you can decipher whom to approach for each task.

Maid/Matron of Honor
Traditionally your right-hand woman, your maid or matron of honor is there to help you with anything related to your wedding planning until the very end of the reception. Your maid or matron of honor is in charge of bridal shower; one of these tasks includes gathering all of the ribbons from the gifts and creating a bouquet for the wedding rehearsal ceremony. She also makes a list of who gave which gift for the bride's thank-you cards.

The maid or matron of honor is also in charge of bachelorette party. She helps you plan this party with all of your bridesmaids and gives a toast at the beginning of the evening. At the ceremony, she adjusts your train at the altar and holds your bouquet during vows; during the reception, she toasts the bride and groom (timing may vary depending on the itinerary). She offers "unbridled" emotional support for the bride throughout the entire wedding planning and execution.

Best Man
The best man is the support system for the groom throughout the duration of wedding planning and during the ceremony. He is a fashion advisor/consultant for the groomsmen attire and the bachelor party master of ceremonies, where he gives a toast at beginning of the evening. He ensures the groom arrives to the ceremony on time and toasts the bride and groom at the reception.

Close girlfriends and family members are good candidates for bridesmaids. They should give you support throughout the entire wedding party planning process. Your bridesmaids help with wedding invitations and planning and participating in the bachelorette party.

This group of men consists of dear friends and family of the groom (and sometimes the bride). They are expected to help out with various minor duties throughout the wedding, but their main responsibility is to help plan and pay for the bachelor party.

Flower Girl/Child
This can be a girl, boy or both. An age range of 3 to 8 is best. The flower girl or boy proceeds before the bride down the aisle and scatters flower petals from a basket or carries a pomander.

Father of the Bride
The father of the bride pays for wedding. (This is a tradition that has held on for dear life.) He also gives a toast at the ceremony.

Mother of the Bride
The mother of the bride's duties include that of a wedding planner and best friend. In addition, she supervises the guest list and performs as reception hostess, greeting guests and being the social butterfly throughout the big day to alleviate pressure from the bride. She also attends the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.

Father of the Groom
The father of the groom foots the bill of the rehearsal dinner; he also gives a toast at this event.

Mother of the Groom
The mother of the groom attends the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner and partakes in the traditional mother/son dance.

Ring Bearer
Traditionally age four to eight, the ring bearer follows the flower girl down the aisle. He carries a small pillow with both wedding bands tied to it. (Some couples decide to use costume jewelry to ensure their rings aren’t lost.)

You can employ ushers, or use family and friends to supply this service. You also have the option of having your groomsmen be ushers. Ushers escort guests to their seats.

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