Traditions of a Second Marriage

Rules of Etiquette to Follow

Finding love is a wonderful and joyous event that should be celebrated with your nearest and dearest, regardless if it’s your
second time getting married. Use the following tips to decide which wedding traditions you would like to follow.

There aren’t any rules that say there is a specific way to announce your engagement for your second marriage. If there are children involved this time around, then make sure to let them know first, since they are part of your family unit.

Who to Keep Off the Invite List
The only guests you should consider keeping off the invite list are ex-in laws. Unless you’ve kept close touch with them and it wouldn’t be awkward to invite them to your second wedding, they should remain off the list.

The Ceremony
Many second marriage weddings are civil and not religious, however this is not a rule. If either of you has children you should include them in the ceremony. They can help you and your fiancé light the unity candle.

Your Aisle Date
Don’t worry about following traditional marriage customs for your procession down the aisle. For your second wedding it’s not necessary that your father walk you down the aisle. You are welcome to have your mother, sister, aunt, best friend, or children walk you down the aisle. Traditional Jewish processions consist of the bride, both sets of grandparents and parents.

Bridal Shower
Some rules of etiquette apply in this department. Guests who attended the bride’s shower for her first marriage are not invited to the shower for her second marriage, however if they do attend the shower they are not required to bring a gift. As the bride it is your responsibility to make sure these crossover guests are informed of this.

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