Get-to-Know-You Games

Wedding rehearsal dinners are a perfect opportunity to give your and your partner’s families a chance to relax and get to know each other in a low-key setting, especially when you play fun icebreaker games to set the up-beat mood. The key is to find games that allow the guests to get to know each other while keeping the focus on you and your husband-to-be.

Here are some get-to-know-you wedding rehearsal games that are entertaining and a lot of fun to play.

Icebreaker Questions
Write or type the following questions individually on pieces of paper, place them in a hat and pass the hat around for your friends and family members to pull from. Once everyone’s had a chance to read their question, go around the table and have each person read their question and give their answer. Simple, but fun! You can ask any questions you’d like, but here are a few to get you started that will allow your guests to get to know each other, you and your groom.

  • What is your first memory of the bride/groom?
  • How many years have you known the bride/groom?
  • How did you first hear about the bride and groom's engagement?
  • Do you have any embarrassing stories about the bride/groom?

Stranded on a Deserted Island
This is ideal for small groups (10-15 people). The group must pretend that the bride and groom are stranded on a deserted island and they’re only allowed to bring one object. Go around the table and each guest must pick one object that either the bride or groom would pick and why.

Unique and Shared
This is ideal for large groups (15-40-plus people). Have your guests create group of 6-8 people. Each group must come up with a list of five things the bride and groom have in common, and five things that are unique. The group with the most factual information wins. This will test their knowledge of your relationship.

Four Corners
This game works best for smaller groups. Hand out one piece of paper and a pencil to each guest. Have them fold the paper twice, creating four squares. Then have them draw a different picture in each square. One will be the bride's or groom's “Favorite Hobbies”; another should have “If the bride or groom was an animal, what animal would he/she be?”; the third box is “What is the most important thing in the bride/groom’s life?” For the last box. have each guest think of a word that describes the bride/groom and draw something that symbolizes that word. When they are finished, go around the table and have each guest share their drawings.

Make your wedding rehearsal dinner a memorable one and bring on the games. Games might seem cheesy at first, but they always raise the energy level and unite the people playing them together! They also take the edge off when making rehearsal dinner toasts and rehearsal dinner speeches. By the time you’re wedding day rolls around, your guests will know you and your fiancé and out.

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