Baptist Wedding Planning

Traditions & Rituals of Baptist Weddings

Should you and your fiancé belong to a Baptist church, you already know the ceremony has a highly religious element. The Baptist wedding is defined as an act of worship in which you seek God’s blessing in front of a community of the faithful. Other than that, the restrictions are not as demanding as some people are led to believe.

Your Baptist ceremony requires that the two of you be baptized Christians, and this is not an area where you can expect a lot of wiggle room. If you already belong to a Baptist church, talk to your minister about finding an appropriate house of worship to suit your needs. If you don’t belong, call several pastors to find the right church.

Baptist ministers are always in demand, and you need to search for them immediately. If you don’t have a minister, start investigating as soon as you’ve set the date.

Before you start planning on where to put the new china, it’s likely that you will have to schedule pre-marital counseling, as well as marriage workshops. You might be asked to abstain from sex until after you are married. Also, some Baptist ministers will not marry you if you are living together. These rules vary from minister to minister, so when you talk to pastors, be upfront and honest to avoid unnecessary problems later on.

Baptist vows are very close to the traditional ones you’ve been hearing on TV and in movies most of your life. Should you want to change them, you must get permission from the minister. If you want to insert humor into it, like mentioning that you’re going to make the best darn homemade waffles every morning, it’s probably best to save that promise for your toast at your reception.
Since the Baptist Church is part of the Protestant Faith, ceremonies tend to be traditional and formal. There are my differences within the Baptist Church itself, but plan on a white wedding gown and black tie (or, at least something on the upward end). Of course, traditional and formal translate to a bouquet toss, cake-cutting, and all those other wonderful elements that make your wedding dazzle as much as you do.

-David Toussaint

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