Proper Reception Invitation Wording

Include All Necessary Information

These days there are no rules when it comes to wording your invitations to your wedding rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception. The only requirements for your wedding reception invitations are that all of the necessary information be included. So relax and choose the wording that best fits you and your fiancé’s personalities.

If this is your second wedding, it is best to choose a less formal reception invitation, perhaps an adults-only appetizer and cocktail party following the ceremony.

Your wedding invitations could include both the ceremony information and reception information all on one invite. However, if you choose to have two separate invites in one envelope—or you are having a private ceremony and only sending out reception invites—refer to the wedding reception invitation wording below.

Traditional Reception Invite

  • We (you and your fiancé’s names) invite you to join us
  • for dinner and dancing at the reception.
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location

Adults Only

  • Adult-only dinner and cocktail reception
  • following the ceremony
  • Location

Dessert Only Reception

  • We (you and your fiancé's names) request
  • the pleasure of your company for dessert directly
  • following the wedding ceremony at (location)

Ultra Formal Reception

  • Join us for a black tie reception and dinner on
  • (date), (time)
  • Location

Brunch Reception

  • Wedding brunch will immediately follow ceremony at (location)

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