Celestial Themed Wedding Reception

A Reception Theme Made in Heaven!

It’s no wonder you and your fiancé are having a celestial themed wedding, because you’re a match made in heaven! Make your celestial themed wedding reception heavenly with the perfect wedding reception supplies and accessories. Trust me, you’ll have so much fun picking out gifts from the sky that you won’t want the wedding planning to end!

  • Candles: Buy star shaped candles and place them on tables throughout the reception from the entrance where the guestbook resides all the way to the dj’s table at the far end of the ballroom. Don’t forget about the restrooms!
  • Favors: Send your guests home with a silver bag of star-shaped sugar cookies. If you’re not a fan of sending them home with edibles, then find star and moon shaped soap or candles.
  • Table Numbers: Bring your theme home by purchasing compasses to use instead of paper place cards. Place the compasses on a table at the entrance to the reception and have them faced open with the guest’s names and table numbers on them. These double as wedding favors that your guests can take home and can use any time they feel they’ve lost their way.
  • Special Touch: Anytime you make use of ribbons, tulle, confetti, or want to make that flower arrangement look extra sparkly, make sure you do so with the stars and moon in mind. For example, if you need to decide on a ribbon to tie your bouquet together choose a silver ribbon with star and moon shapes and those perfectly aligned stars will walk you down the aisle on your big day.

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