The Wedding Reception

Artificial Wedding Flowers
Silk flowers have come a very long way in the last few years, so much so that many brides are considering substituting artificial wedding flowers for ...
Pre-Wedding Toast Jitters
4 Tips to Get You Through
Wedding Cakes w/ Chocolate Frosting
2 Yummy Design Ideas
Traditional Jewish Wedding Music
For Ceremony & Reception
Cakes Toppers Unique for You
5 Fun Ideas
Gothic Wedding Cake Designs
Fun & Unusual Ideas
How to Find Vintage Decor
Searching for Unique Wedding Supplies
Cake Transportation & Storing
Make Sure it Keeps it's Structure & Design
3 Unique Spring Wedding Flowers
Peonies, Lilies of the Valley, and Gerberas
Organic Wedding Reception Linens
5 Trends to Consider
Maid of Honor Speech
3 Things to Remember
Wedding Cake Designs
3 Things to Consider
Religious Flowers
Blooms of Significance for Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and More.
The History of the Garter Toss
Origins of the Tradition
Non-Floral Wedding Cake Designs
Unique Ideas & Suggestions
Ideas for Spring Reception Sites
Locations You may Not Have Thought Of
Steps for Choosing the Right Caterer
Basic Ways to Hire Who You Should
Small Wedding Receptions
The Beauty of an Intimate Affair
The Sweetheart's Table & Head Table
Should You Have One?
5 Advantages of Wedding Cupcakes
The Trend that All About Variety
Reception Table Linen Tips
Advice on Colors, Fabrics, and Styles
Wedding Flower Checklist
Are You Underestimating What You'll Need?
Inappropriate Reception Music
What Songs Not to Play!
Wedding Catering Costs
Budget Saving Advice
Choosing the Right Caterer
Planning Tools for Hiring
Ways to Save on Centerpieces
Stunning Floral Arrangements Without the Cost
Wedding Reception Games
3 Fun Activities
Head-Turning Floral Centerpieces
Gorgeous Arrangements for Your Reception
Catering: Flatware Essentials
Proper Utensils for Your Reception
Reception Ideas: Photo Booths
For Entertainment & Great Photography
Castle Wedding Venues
Embracing the Fairytale!
Unique Wedding Centerpieces
Floating Arrangements & Glass Ponds
Wedding Cake Cutting Songs
Music to Consider for Your Reception
Irish Wedding Toasts & Blessings
Traditions to Consider
Mexican Wedding Traditions
Ceremony & Reception Ideas
Winter Wedding Themes: Celestial
For a Wedding made in Heaven!
Flowers You'll Need & How to Choose
Considering Your Wedding Party, Decorations & the Cake
Irish Wedding Toasts
Humorous & Religious Variations
Exotic Wedding Receptions
Ideas for Adventure Lovers
Vegan and Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes
How to Find Great Cakes, Despite Diet Restrictions
Celestial Themed Wedding Reception
A Wedding Theme Made in Heaven!
Benefits of a Small Reception
Slash Your Budget
Transform Your Winter Reception Hall
Simple Halls into Beautiful Winter Receptions
Bridesmaid Seating Etiquette
Treat it Like Any Other Party Seating
Boat Wedding Reception Ideas
How to Plan a Celebration on the Water
How to Treat Wedding Dress Stains
Removing Food, Wine or Blood from Your Dress
How to Plan a Vegan Wedding Menu
Consider You Budget, Heritage and Guests
More Winter Wedding Ideas
From Centerpieces & Colors to Drinks & Appetizers
DIY Baked Good Buffet
An Inexpensive Candy Station Alternative
Selecting the Right Reception Venue
Consider Your Guest List, Budget & Personality
How to Arrange Wedding Seating
Tips on "Who Sits Where"
Wedding Toasts
Tips for Writing a Great Toast
Music that Sets the Right Tone
Tips on Choosing a DJ and Setlist
Romantic Outdoor Reception Locations
The Ocean, a Vineyard & Your Own Backyard
Winter Wedding Reception Ideas
Winter Warmth & Holiday Cheer
How to Lower Your Wedding Bar Bill
Wedding Costs: What to Keep & Where to Cut
Wedding Cake Prices
How Much is Too Much?
Proper Reception Invitation Wording
Include All Necessary Information
Unique Ideas: Winter Wedding Cakes
Taste, Color & Add-On Suggestions
Small Wedding Venues
Simplify Your Search!
Destination Wedding Receptions
Cheaper Than Traditional Receptions?
Hiring the Right Wedding Band or DJ
Choosing One or Both for Your Reception
Buffet Style or Sit-Down Dinner?
Decisions for You & Your Caterer
Add Indie Style to Winter Weddings
Décor, Music & Jewelry Ideas
Unforgettable Outdoor Receptions
Don't Plan a Formulaic Wedding!
Should You Play the Chicken Dance?
What Should You & Your DJ Ban?
Guest Interaction via Polaroids
Budget Wedding Photography Ideas
DIY Reception Centerpieces
Beyond Flowers: Creating Great Arrangements
DIY Wedding Cards and Programs
How To Make Handmade Wedding Stationary
Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Formal or Casual, Go for Natural Beauty
Popular Music For DIY Playlists
Your Reception Songs on Your iPod
Hiring a Wedding Music Band
What You Can Expect from Professional Musicians
Traditional Wedding Music
Ideas from the Ceremony to the Reception
4 Wedding Trends Making a Comeback
Ceremony, Reception & Style Trends
Budget Wedding Reception Ideas
Planning a Great Reception for Less
Themes to Match Winter Colors
Magical Ideas for Your Wedding
Your Reception Hors D'œuvres
Combining Comfort with Panache
Decorating the Wedding Getaway Car
Letting the World Know You Were "Just Married"
Integrating Your Theme 101
The Basics of Making Your Wedding Unique
Winter Flowers for Your Theme
Blooms to Match Your Wedding Colors
Seasonal & Holiday Theme Ideas
How to Accessorize Your Wedding Day
5 Conversation-Starter Ideas
How to Get Your Reception Guests Talking
Reception Ice Bars
The Cool New Wedding Trend for Drinks
5 Reception Dessert Alternatives
Sweet Options for Your Wedding Day
Live Video Feeds at Weddings
Streaming Your Ceremony & Reception
Morning Weddings
Planning an Early Ceremony & Reception
Tips on Your Wedding Music
Choosing Songs that Work for Your Reception
Skipping the First Dance
Why Some Couples Decline the Spotlight
Leaving Directly for Your Honeymoon
Traveling Immediately After the Reception
Wedding After Parties
Post-Reception Bashes
Over the Top Weddings
A Big Time Planner Tells All!
Grand Reception Entrances
Making a Statement with Your Introduction
Wedding Toast Etiquette
Rules and Expectations for Wedding Speeches
International Reception Rituals
Traditions from Other Cultures to Consider for Your Wedding
Centerpiece Considerations
Perfect Choices for Your Reception Tables
Escort and Place Cards
Creative Ideas for Your Reception
Missing Your Groom at Your Wedding
Too Often You’re Too Busy to Spend Time Together
Wedding Reception Supplies Checklist
Make Sure You Have Everything You Need
Cuisine to Serve at Your Reception
Food Choices for Your Wedding Day Menu
Hiring Specialty Wedding Vendors
6 Ways to Make Your Big Day Memorable
Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas
Options & Alternatives to Plan a Great Party on a Budget
Non-Floral Centerpieces
Creative Ideas for Reception Tables
Cupcake Wedding Cakes
A Hot Trend For Your Reception
Personal & Stylish Reception Napkins
Choosing Perfect Reception Napkins
Planning a Weeknight Wedding
What You Need to Know About Mid-Week Ceremonies
Wedding Cake Trends
New Ideas for the Sweetest Part of Your Ceremony
Booking a Valet Service
Parking Services for Your Reception
Hiring a Live Band
Booking the Perfect Music for Your Wedding
The Dollar Dance
A Reception Tradition Which Remains Popular
Hiring a Transportation Service
Booking Vans, Buses or Limos for Your Reception Guests
Linens That Fit Your Theme
Coordinating Reception with Your Ceremony
Organizing Reception Transportation
Making Sure Your Guests Get There On Time
Ceremony Site Receptions
Your Entire Wedding Day in One Place
Wedding Cake Alternatives
Taking Tradition & Adding As Much Meaning as Flavor!
Divorced Family Wedding Etiquette
Making Sure Separated Parents Are Comfortable
Memorable Reception Menus
Creative Meals to Keep Your Wedding Guests Talking
Spice Up Your Bridal Reception
Make Your Wedding Reception More Memorable
DIY Decorations
Creative Ideas to Personalize You Wedding Day
Tough Love for Brides
Reception Rules You Don’t Want to Break
Organic Weddings
Have a Beautiful Big Day, Naturally
Jewish Wedding Traditions
What to Expect at a Jewish Wedding
Modern Traditional Weddings
How to Spice Up a Traditional Wedding
Preparing for Rain
Your Bad Weather Back-Up Plan
What Brides Forget to Rehearse
Details to Practice Before Your Wedding
Unwanted Announcements
Keeping it "Your Day"
Displaying Wedding Colors
Where and How You Can Integrate Your Wedding Colors into Your Big Day
Renting Stereo Equipment
Providing a Sound System for Your Reception
Hiring Your DJ
Choosing Your Pitch-Perfect Reception Disc Jockey
What Your Guests Really Want
Wedding Guests Reveal What They Expect and Look For
Designated Reception Seating
The How-to’s of Your Reception Seating Plan
Champagne Substitutes
Serving Sparkling Wine at Your Wedding
Considering a Painted Cake
Your Wedding Cake Could be Edible Art!
Throwing Your Bouquet
The History & Etiquette of Throwing the Bridal Bouquet
Cutting Your Wedding Cake
How to Gracefully Cut Your Wedding Cake at Your Reception
Hiring Your Band
Selecting Live Musicians to Plan Your Wedding Reception
The Garter Toss
Incorporating the Bridal Garter Toss into Your Wedding Reception
The Groom’s Cake
Including a Sweet Alternative to Celebrate Your Groom
Making It Through Your Reception
How to Enjoy Your Party
Planning for No-Shows
Can You Budget for Fewer Guests than You Invited?
Wedding Traditions to Retire
Updating Your Wedding Rituals
Hiring Your Reception Caterer
How to Find the Perfect Wedding Caterer
Wedding Toasts: Cheers!
When to Toast and When to Roast
Who Sits Where?
Your Reception Seating Guide
Choosing Your Reception Wines
Expert Advice on Wine
Buffet Style Wedding Receptions
Pros & Cons of a Buffet Reception
Modern Reception Entertainment
Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas to Amaze Your Guests
Planning Your Cocktail Hour
The Perfect Start to Your Reception
Vegetarian Wedding Receptions
Planning a Meat-Free Wedding Reception Everyone Will Love
Non-Alcoholic Wedding Receptions
Planning a Dry Reception
Choosing Your Wedding Wines
Great Advice on What You'll be Serving at Your Wedding Reception
Fancy Bartenders at Your Reception
Specialty Bartenders Add Flair
Choosing Your Centerpieces
Decorating the Tables of Your Wedding Reception
Reception Dance Lessons
Prepare for Your Wedding Reception by Taking Dance Classes
Choosing Your Reception Location
Deciding Where Set Your Wedding Reception
Your Reception Table Linens
Dressing and Accessorizing Your Wedding Reception Tables
Projections & Slide Shows
Entertaining Your Wedding Guests with Truly "Moving Images"
Working Within Your Budget
Finding Ways to Save While Planning the Perfect Wedding
Invited Only to the Reception
The Etiquette of Inviting Someone to Your Wedding Party, But Not Your Wedding
Preparing For the Speeches
What to Expect and How to Handle Your Wedding Reception Speeches
The Seating Arrangements
Creating Your Reception Seating Plan
Centerpiece Suggestions
Arrangements and Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Centerpieces
Vegetarian Wedding Receptions
Planning a Meat-Free Reception Everyone will Enjoy
Alcohol-Free Receptions
Not Serving Liquor at Your Wedding
Receptions on Tight Budgets
Plan a Fabulous Party on a Modest Budget