Your Reception Dress

Changing for Your Wedding Reception

After you’ve picked out that perfect dress, it’s time to get another! Well, not necessarily, but these days many brides are opting to wear more than one outfit for their big day. There are many reasons women choose multiple dresses, all depending on personal style and budget.

If you’re wearing a ball gown for your formal affair, it’s nice to “slip into something more comfortable” for the reception. The trend makes even more sense if you’re getting married in summer weather. On the flip side, if your beachside affair calls for a simple dress, you can wear something a little more sumptuous for the reception. Some brides even wear a third outfit—usually a colorful party dress—to end the ceremony and make their exit with the groom.

All of these options are completely acceptable and tons of fun.  “You get to wear a different style of dress, and it’s much more comfortable,” says Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events, in New York. “Many women love an excuse to buy another outfit.” There is no etiquette against an additional dress, so if it’s in your budget, go for it.

A change of style.
Should you be changing out of your formal wedding dress before the reception, you’ll need to have an experienced hand help you out of your gown.  Pick someone ahead of time (maid of honor, mom, wedding planner), and have them help you with the details—this person should attend the final dress fitting so she can practice.

Changing dresses will add about 15 minutes to the “between time,” and you want to make sure your groom waits to make an entrance with you.  Take a few extra minutes, and enjoy a snack or glass of Champagne before you head to your reception; once you get there you may not a get a chance for a bite or sip of anything!  When you’re done, arrange to have your wedding dress properly tucked away while you head for the party.

If you don’t want to add extra time before the reception, you can wait until after dinner, and change right before the cake-cutting or dancing.  Guests won’t notice the two of you slipping away for a bit, and you can still make a grand entrance when you return. (This is a great time for brides to touch up their makeup and take a little breather from all the excitement.) For more thrills, have your hubby change too. Remember, he’s spent hours in a tux and tight shoes; he can opt for khakis and Converse should he choose.

Whether it’s one dress or three, wear them well and you’ll be a princess forever.

-David Toussaint

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