Your Bridal Gloves
A Classic Bridal Accessory to Complete the Princess Look

Once upon a time, a lady never went out without her gloves. Fashion trends have relaxed somewhat, but-- especially on your wedding day-- nothing says chic like a pair of white gloves.

At arm’s length.

The most formal gloves are called, fittingly enough, Opera gloves, and extend past your elbow and up to your bicep. Their fullness works best with sleeveless or strapless gowns and should only be worn for formal ceremonies (so, not if you’re planning a luau wedding!).

Next in line is the Elbow glove, whose name says it all. (It ends right above or below the elbow.) It’s slightly less formal than the opera glove, but should still be worn for fancy affairs. You might pick this look for a daytime ceremony or a cocktail wedding.

The Short glove ends about two inches above the wrist, and is appropriate for casual receptions (These are the gloves Mom—or Grandmother—used to wear before going out on the town.) You can’t go wrong with these hand helpers, whether you’re having a park affair or a backyard ceremony.

Finally, there’s the Fingerless glove, which can be short or long, and has (obviously) cut-out finger holes. The fingerless glove is cute and trendy, and not something you wear if you’ve booked the Taj Mahal.

With the exception of fingerless gloves, any pair you choose will require some ring-placement rehearsal. Some people opt to cut lining out of the glove so the ring can be put on more easily. However, it’s also appropriate to take your glove off beforehand or even at the alter. Just make sure you practice this a few times, as gloves don’t slide off as easy in real life as they do in movies.

Fit for a queen.
Kid leather (made from goatskin) gloves are extremely dressy, but satin is probably the most fashionable. Velvet gloves work with vintage outfits, and organza’s also popular (and a more trendy look). If you’re really brave, go all out and wear a glove of a different color—gloves can be dyed to match your non-white dress and shoes.  But remember that gloves are quite warm, so go with something simpler for summer ceremonies.

Gloves are so glamorous and classic that they work wonderfully either simple or elaborate.  A few silver buttons or pearls adorning the entire length of your forearm, or silk straps crisscrossing their way to your elbow is incredibly elegant, but so too is a clean design.  Have fun with your gloves and wear whatever matches your personality, as well as your gown.  Since they’ll make you feel like royalty, you may as well make your own rules!

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