Wearing Flowers in Your Hair

Accessorizing with Lovely Blooms on Your Wedding Day

Wedding flowers in your hair are a lovely and elegant way accent to your dress. They can also be a substitute for tiaras, should you find that too-traditional a route for your nuptials. The good news is that you can wear them with or without a veil, and with short or long hair. You can go with a single bloom, or have a bunch of buds.

Summer weddings are the best setting for flowers in hair, as are outside affairs. (Somehow, a giant orchid sticking through your veil doesn’t seem to fit the aura a massive cathedral inspires.) Summer ceremonies tend to be less
formal than those held in colder months, and blooms are lovely for services in the backyard, the park, or on the beach.

As for what to choose, first look at your bouquet: you don’t want anything in your
hair to clash, so find something that goes with your color scheme—the same goes for the colors of your wedding. While simple mums might add a touch of class to a mum-sprinkled bouquet, a sunflower could be a disaster next to your red-rose bouquet.  Also, anything too overpowering is going to overwhelm your dress, and you don’t want to look like Carmen Miranda as you walk down the aisle.

Stems and styles.

Who you gonna call for assurance? Your florist. Go over the options for what works best with your hairstyle. A more formal approach is a simple bloom, but you can also attach a cascade of buds down your ‘do, or form a crown on top. Florists have lots of tricks, like stringing the flowers together on a band, so don’t worry about foliage fallout.

Whatever you decide, it’s a smart idea to have your bridesmaids opt for a simpler version of your ‘do, or have them forego the flowers altogether.  Some brides
imitate the boutonnieres, and put something similar in their hair. Silk flowers are another option to take; remember, silk flowers don’t wilt, but they don’t save you money either.  If you still want flowers, but are clueless as to blooms, start looking at magazines and photos of other brides. In the same way you take a photo to your hairdresser so he gets the idea of the style you want, print or cutout flower photos, show them to the florist, and start from there. More flower power to you!

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