Modern Wedding Colors

What Colors Brides are Choosing This Year

White, as we all know, is the  traditional color  for a wedding dress but times they are a-changing; brides  are throwing caution to the wind by opting instead for more contemporary colors for their special day.

Some of the popular wedding colors from 2007 and 2008, lilac with purple tones, and chocolate brown and soft greens, may continue into 2009 though an explosion in fresher, brighter colors is being predicted by all the experts.

Subtlety and extravagance.

Introverts beware: forthcoming trends for 2009 will be far more exotic, brightly colored and -- believe it or not -- almost luminous. The key here, mind you, is to create a glamorous feel with a bold splash of color without going overboard. The trick is to keep the main areas of your wedding understated and classic, adding then extravagant touches using the colors of your choice. Here is our list of 10 up-and-coming color combinations to make your wedding day truly memorable and a stand out:

  1. Blue and brown - A duo for those who feel ‘luminous’ isn’t their thing, this duo is soft and pretty yet rich and dramatic.
  2. Red and pink - an unexpected and quirky color combination that works well together for the centerpieces or bridesmaids outfits.  
  3. Monochromatic colors - if multiple colors aren’t your style then try showcasing a single color like yellow. Use the color in candles, flowers and linens to light up the event.
  4. Brown and pink - Experts advise to try this ‘pretty and distinctive’ color combination as it’s going to be a big hit for 2009, but it may not be for everyone.
  5. Red and yellow - This color combo is for the bride who loves life (and unusual color schemes!) and is certainly not for the shy and retiring. Show off these striking colors together using flowers such as roses and daisies.
  6. Green and yellow - These are popular because the subtle, yet striking colors complement each other so well (although they can be tricky with some bride's skin tone). This combination may appeal to all you natural types (even naturists maybe) wanting to bring an outdoor theme to your big day.
  7. Red and orange- A good choice for a spring or summer wedding, this is a bold choice that certainly makes a statement.
  8. Green and lavender- Soft and sweet is one way to describe this duo. Choose the shades carefully to avoid appearing too “sweet.”
  9. Turquoise and bright yellow - Mix these colors for a tropical wedding theme. Centerpieces and coordinated place settings in blues and yellows will help create the illusion of warm climates and the tropics.  
  10. Bright orange - Works well when soft peach tones, introduce gerberas or tiger lilies into bridal bouquets and floral centerpieces.

So when it comes you choosing colors for your big day don’t be afraid to try something new.  Be original and creative with your color schemes, and remember white is SO last year!

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