Staying Warm in Your Wedding Dress

How to Look Cool Fighting Off a Chill

Comfort and style are both important facets of your wedding day. If you’re having a winter wedding, consider wearing a long sleeved winter wedding dress. There are countless styles and accessories that will keep you warm and cozy while still looking your best on your big day.

If you’re exploring long sleeved wedding dresses to stay warm, then also keep fabric in mind. There are gorgeous wedding dress fabrics that are both luxurious and warm, such as velvet and satin. If you do choose long sleeves, you have to freedom to choose lace sleeves that have an intricate pattern or design such as paisley or flowers. Take advantage of the extra fabric and use it to highlight and showcase your own personal wedding dress style.

Another great way to stay warm and stylish on your wedding day is by wearing gloves. Depending on how long your sleeves are and what type of wedding style you’re going for, you can either choose long or short gloves. Short gloves fit best with tea-length wedding gowns, while long gloves fit practically all other wedding dress styles. You just need to make sure that your sleeves and gloves don’t bunch.

Other Accessories
  • Capes: Staying warm while you’re en route to the ceremony, the reception, and back to your hotel suite is something you’ll want to prepare for. Capes are a fantastic option because this accessory won’t compromise your wedding dress. A cape is especially handy if you end up choosing a long sleeved wedding gown.

  • Vest: Another bridal fashion piece that’s making its way down more aisles is a faux mink vest. This piece will protect you against a cool breeze and increase your value on the fashion forward meter.

  • Wrap: Besides a cape and faux mink vest, you also have the option of wearing a wrap to keep you warm on your big day. Fortunately there are countless styles, colors, and varying fabrics to choose from. You won’t have any problem finding one that fits your style and winter wedding colors.

  • Jacket: There is no rule that states you’re not allowed to wear a jacket over your wedding gown. The key to pulling this off is finding the right style and color that fits your physique and doesn’t take attention away from your gorgeous wedding gown. If you go this route, choose a jacket that has a snug fit and doesn’t fall below your hips.

  • Tux Coat: If you find goose bumps on your arms and a chill in your bones but have nothing to warm you up, borrow your fiancé’s tux coat. This accessory will keep you warm in a fun and flirty way that will make you feel like you’re at prom again.
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