2nd Wedding Dress Colors & Cuts

Ideas for Appropriate and Beautiful Looks

Second marriage wedding dresses as well as first marriage wedding dresses have changed drastically over the years. You are still welcome to choose from myriad classic styles as well as more modern cuts and colors. Be the unique person you are, and choose a colorful wedding dress that will turn heads and drop jaws at your second marriage wedding.

Bright Colors
Why not go bold and choose a wedding dress color that pops? At your first wedding there were rules to adhere to and in-laws to impress, but now you’re probably more relaxed about the big day and want it to reflect who you are. Explore raspberry reds and pinks with a hint of purple. If your wedding is more casual then finding a colorful dress you love will get easier since you’ll have more options. There are fabulous wedding themes that fit red or black wedding dresses such as Winter Wonderland, or a Gothic Wedding.

Almost White
Look outside of that white box and explore shades of ivory, eggshell, off white and pearl. You’ll be amazed by just how many different shades of white there are.

The Cut
Hands down the most important part of the cut of your wedding dress is how well it fits your body type. It’s best to stick to non-traditional wedding gowns when searching for a second wedding dress, however if a long gown suits your body type the best out of all of your options, then by all means commit to a traditional gown.

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